"I chose to be an artist in order to express my take on society through filmmaking, valuing the opportunities for audiences to observe their surrounding world from fresh, interpersonal perspectives. I’ve also always been fascinated with the artform of physical movement and its ability to communicate stories through unspoken performance. These elements takes the viewer's imagination into uncharted worlds while challenging the performer to be a great physical actor. The camera’s specificity and focus prepares every part of the performer’s body and soul for a thrilling and inspiring experience. Even the simplest gestures are meaningful. I have been a professional dance artist for the last 15 years of my career and discovering film has opened myself up to new artistic possibilities. My new craft has now enabled me to enhance the artist’s performance through the use of the camera."


Dance artist and filmmaker Yelena Konetchy lives in Austin, Texas, where she performs, teaches and choreographs for the stage and screen. Her dance film Solace Is screened at the Austin Short Film Festival in fall 2016, New York City Independent Film Festival May of 2017, and DDCF Dance Film Fest August of 2017. Her second dance film, Bloom ran semi-finalist at Austin Arthouse Film Festival in 2018 and won best experimental film at Transform Film Festival in 2019. Bloom held its premiere screening in 2018 at Emergence: A Collection of Films in which Yelena had hosted. She has also currently finished The Ivory Seed to be screened at the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival in 2020.

Yelena began her career at The Illinois Ballet, followed by Charleston Ballet Theatre, Thel Dance Theatre as Company Manager, and a free- lance artist.

She has worked with Sally Bliss of Tudor Foundation, Amanda McKerrow, Andrei Bossov, Grace Holmes, Meg Brooker, Lori Belilove, and Dawn Karlovsky. She is also certified in Vaganova Ballet Technique on scholarship by Ballet Master John White, RAD syllabus by Lynn Wallis, and Lester Horton technique under Ana Marie Forsythe. She can also be found in the Library of Congress from the Isadora Duncan International Symposium.




LVnTheLife, PBC - an entertainment brand aiming to empower the disabled, provide for the helpless, and give exposure to local artistic talent through digital engagement, reaching audiences worldwide. Director and Host of IGTV show "LView".


Emergence: A Collection of Films at Austin Film Society Cinemas, funded by The Creative Fund and Indiegogo campaign for dance film "Bloom", screenings of emerging independent filmmakers from Austin and around the world (2018).


Director - "Lacrimosa" (2019) - a film by Yelena Konetchy

Director - "Bloom" (2018)- Fiscally sponsored by From The Heart Productions and Austin Creative Alliance and winner of the Community Initiatives Award from the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division  - a film by Yelena Konetchy


Assistant Director - "The Tree" (2018) - Chamacos Dance Company


Director - "The Ivory Seed" (2019) - written by Donna McDelowney - a film by Yelena Konetchy

Director/Choreographer/Dancer (2016) - "Solace Is" - Fiscally Sponsored by B*Tru Arts Productions -  a film by Yelena Konetchy



Extra - Coca-Cola Commercial 2019

Dance Captain/Dancer - LG Commercial ft. John Orr - Hitrecord Productions


Ballet Dancer - The Bear Commercial -  The Bear


Ballet Dancer -  Gold Bond Commercial - Gold Bond


Principal Dancer -  Camena Saltare Infusio (Short Film) -  Thomas Knox Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer - False Mirror (Short Film) - Bonnie Cox Dir.


Contemporary Dance -  Come Find Trap (Music Video ft. Meganoke) - Stephanie Chavez Dir.


Austin Dance Festival 2019 with Chamacos Dance Company

Company Dancer - ProprioKinesico 2019 - Chamacos Dance Company

Lead Solo Dancer - Illusory Impressions 2018 - Catherine Davis Dir.

Dancer - Dancestry: Beckoning 2017 - Meg Brooker Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer - Stealing Christmas Gateway Church  2017 - Stacey Brewer Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer - Suzanne Monroe CD Release Party 2016 - Suzanne Monroe Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer - 3rd Annual Inspiro Festival 2015 - Aisha Melhem Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer/Actor - Man in the MIddle (Frontera Festival 2015) - Aisha Melhem Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer - 2nd Annual Inspiro Festival 2014 - Aisha Melhem Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer - Crank Collective's "Boom Town" 2014 - John Cecil Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer -  Austin Shakespeare 2014 - Ann Cicollela Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer - Austin Dance Festival 2014 - Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dir.

Dance Captain/Dancer - Let It Be Christmas Gateway Church  2014- Stacey Brewer Dir.


Dancer - Fantasies and Illusions  2014 -Eugenio Zapata Dir.


Choreographer/Dancer - Crank Collective's "Cabeza De Vaca" 2014 -  John Cecil Dir.

CAMERA (1st & 2nd UNIT)

Umlauf Sculpture Garden Auction 2020

Giselle - Ballet Austin - Farid Zarrinabadi DP

Pieces of Passion - Ballet Austin - Farid Zarrinabadi DP

The Nutcracker - Ballet Austin - Farid Zarrinabadi DP

The Ugly Duckling - Ballet Austin II - Farid Zarrinabadi DP

The Firebrid - Ballet Austin - Farid Zarrinabadi DP

Austin Camerata Reinventions at the Long Center Rollins Studio - Farid Zarrinabadi DP

Fieldtrip (dance film) - Kira Blazek Ziaii Dir.

Austin Artists Interviews with Creative Expressions - Kisha CG Dir.


Capital Crew Productions - Production Assistant for SXSW 2018



Zilker Theatre Productions


Austin Lyric Opera


Forklift Danceworks


Ballet Austin


Zach Theatre


Tapestry Dance Studios


St. Edward's University


Texas A&M


Austin Theatre Project


Austin Shakespeare

Wyatt Brand


Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum


Joyce Willet School of Dance


Austin School of Film 2019 workshops - Lighting for Film and Video, Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro, Aesthetics to Editing, Cinematography I, Cinematography II on scholarship and grant award 'Capacity Building' from the City of Austin.

Arcos Dance Workshops in Austin, TX including Gaga dance with Amy Morrow, certified

Noyes Rhythm Camp

Principia College in Elsah, IL


Illusory Impressions - Nominee of 2017-2018 Critics  Table Award - recreation of La La Land December 15th, 2016

Examiner - Austin Dance Festival April 14, 2014

YNN News - featured artist at 2nd annual Inspiro Festival June 2nd, 2014


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